Turtle- A White Eyes Conure


 Turtle is very friendly when he gets to know you. He enjoys fruits and veggies the most- apples, oranges, carrots, and likes scrambled eggs and brown rice.

He is at the stage where, with companionship, he will be a great pet- maybe even learn tricks! I can clip his wings and nails easily. He is used to having the vacuum near him and dogs running around right under his cage- no problem.

He talks, and says "hello baby," and what sounds like long sentences with very marked punctuation - could be even the theme song from Jeopardy! He also says come on! and "step up", "and "good bird."

 Turtle's wings are clipped, so he stays close, often sitting on a chair top near me at the computer, or on my knee for quite a while.

He comes right out of the cage to me, and I can see, with attention he is very trainable, and be a fine companion and part of family life.

White eyed conures are hard to find- both in the wild and as pets, often overlooked, which is sad, because they make great pets.





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