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Oro and Azul - Blue and Gold macaws, just hangin' around....

Scarlet Macaw- Scarlet, who has been near her new nesting box-a good sign!

 Fred and Ethel- Double Yellow Headed Amazons. I went up to Fred the other day and he looked at me and said: "What's your problem?" They are enchanting with their colorful banter, and just a joy to be around. They are breeders, though, and the fanned out tail feathers mean they are protecting their cage! Watch those fingers!  


 Ricky and Lucy- our second pair of Double Yellow Headed Amazons.

Lucy has been going into the nesting box, and I hear her saying "I love you Susan... Wheeeeeee!" in a funny sort of muffled tone. She is now on 3 eggs! (May, '05)

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 Lucy, I'm Home!



Other Parrotise birds to see:

 Lyndon, the Blue and Gold Macaw

 Lulu. the African Gray

  Turtle the White Eyed Conure

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Photos by Bob

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