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J & K Aviaries is nestled in the hills outside Grants Pass: good weather (most of the time), good air, good bird care!

Our breeder birds are Senegals, African Grey Timneths, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Red Lored Amazons, White Wing Parakeets, Green Cheek Conures, Sun Conures, Hahn's Macaws, Indian Ringnecks, Barrabands, White Front Amazons, Mealy Amazons,
Nandays, Mitreds, & White Eyed Conures.


J & K's Exotic Birds for Sale:


One proven male Senegal  $250.00

  Pair of Green Cheek Conures $325.00


  Proven pair of White Eye Conures  $475.00

   Proven Male Half Moon Conure   $100.00  Has curled toes on one foot.

   Proven Male Nanday   plucked  $75.00

  Beautiful Male Red Rump Parakeet   $100.00


Click to Email us if you are interested in any of our exotic birds.

We live in Grants Pass, Oregon, and can drive to meet you.

We love our parrots, and we devote our lives to them.

Call us at 541-955-8946.

Click! Let us know if you are interested in our & loving African Grey babies!

We are feeding four loveable babes, and they should be ready for loving homes this holiday season, 2011.




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Lovingly handfed and socialized - Hahn' Mini Macaws - so cute, colorful, (red and yellow under the wings, and the wings are already clipped) -very popular! We just had four handfed babies go to good homes

Email us if you are interested in future Mini Macaws.


Email us if you want to know more about our future Senegal babies.




Call us!

Jerry & Karol Fredrickson

J & K Aviaries

Call us at (541) 955-8946

Please email us: jerrykarol@msn.com


Located in Grants Pass, Oregon



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