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Parrotise has been a part of southwestern Oregon for nearly a decade, our birds having recently moved to our present location in late 2003. We have been raising birds for 30 years or so, starting mostly with budgies, chickens, waterfowl, and peafowl, and raising larger macaws and other parrots for about 6 years. Having poultry, waterfowl, budgies, and peafowl has given us the basic knowledge of what birds need in terms of food, water, enclosures, and what they like - like treats. Having traumatic experiences such as injuries or predators has taught us more about securing our birds and avoiding such heartbreaking occurrences in the future. The daily routine of feeding and watering and hand feeding baby birds is an education taught by no book, but by doing.

We have a nice range of birds, from budgies, to small parrots and parakeets, such as conures and rosellas, medium sized parrots like amazons and African grays, and then there are the larger macaws - the loud ones. Combined with the peafowl roaming about and the guinea hens running around, we have a full bird chorus of sounds!

When we sell baby birds, they are weaned and are handled, and exposed to elements that they might encounter later in life - such as dogs running by them, vacuum cleaners, outdoor exposure, and visitors looking at them and handling them. We make sure the new owners will be able to devote time to their new birds, and care for them knowing the birds will be a part of their households for many years to come. Many parrots live long long lives, and are much like children, so new owners must be sure they are really ready to assume such responsibilities. The larger macaws have expensive culinary tastes; they like nuts in the shell, and various biscuits and seeds that can be spendy, and a lots of fresh vegetables and fruits - all which must be chopped, diced, and fed daily, and with variety, to avoid bird boredom.

If we as avian breeder specialists at Parrotise were to tell a prospective parrot owner the most important considerations about buying and owning a parrot, they would be

*Be sure you have the right bird for you: small, large, loud, quiet, talking?

*Have the right environment for the parrot: cage, toys, neighbors?

*Are you ready for the long-term responsibility of a parrot?

*Most importantly- what is best for the bird?


There is a parrot out there to fit everyone that wants one - a bird that is looking for companionship and a friendly face. People just know when a certain parrot is the one for them. Every bit of love and attention and good food that our babies have had show in the kind of bird they are now and what they will be in the future.


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